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So… I wrote an article called the 7 best principles to live by. Some of you asked me whether I meant the whole thing as a joke. I guess principle number 7 can make it seem that way.

No… it is not a joke. I don’t really believe these are the 7 best principles to guide you in life, but I do believe that all 7 have value. They can make your life more interesting and you might even elevate yourself to the mental state of having fun.

But… as it is with advice; it is easier to dish out, than to take. I don’t always live by these principles and it is time for me to take a refresher course.

And I would like you to join me!
Image by Neal Fowler under CC BY 2.0

In 7 weeks we will tackle all 7 principles. We start on monday july 6th. Each monday you will get an assignment for that week. During the week you can decide yourself when to wrestle with your task and how much time you want to put into it.
Don’t worry, I know how hard it is to find time and to motivate yourself, so I will do my utmost best to make this as irresistible, enticing and fulfilling as I possibly can. Remember, I have to do these things myself as well!

It is easy to join me. You can either send me an e-mail and I will mail you each monday or you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook and find the new assignment there.
At the end of each week I will invite you to share your experience of that week’s assignment. I think it will be fun and motivating if we can see each others endeavours. But I want to stress that it is also perfectly fine to tag along completely anonymous.

I would like to do this with as many people as possible. Anyone is welcome to join. If you want you can mail this to your friends, like it on Facebook or tweet it to the world; I would highly appreciate it!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Week 1: Try something new
Week 2: Fail at something
Week 3: If you love someone; let them know
Week 4: Share

    Ik werk als creatieve professional. Ik ben tekstschrijver en ik maak video’s. Daarnaast ontwikkel ik concepten voor campagnes of evenementen. Ook begeleid ik rollenspellen en brainstormsessies. Benieuwd of we samen kunnen werken? Laten we een kop koffie gaan drinken (met taart!) en dan komen we er vast wel achter.

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