RYLFF Week 2: Fail at something

I want you to fail this week! That doesn’t sound very nice, but rest assured I want myself to fail just as hard.

The internet knows the beauty of failure. Videos with an epic fail always attract a gazillion viewers. But why should you only gaze at the accomplishments of others if you can have an excellent failure yourself? Failing proves that you are testing your limits, it is also good story material. It can also give you severe pains in the groin and an urgent need to crawl under a rock or become invisible.

But without a little pain, there can be no gain. Flawless people are boring as hell, don’t become one of them!
Fail at something

This week’s assignment: walking on the moon

Please feel free to fail in any which way you can, I will applaud you for it. But I hope you will also join me in this little experiment of collective failure. At first I thought it would be hard to come up with an assignment where I want us all to fail. What if some of us succeed? Luckily I soon realized that success means you failed the assignment, so in a way this is absolutely failproof!

This week I want you to learn how to do The Moonwalk. Dance instructors will cringe and tell you it is actually called The Backslide, but hey, I don’t want to be like any dance instructor, I want to moonwalk like Michael Jackson!

One small step

Try to learn the moonwalk this week. Practice just for an hour or practice every day; it is up to you. It doesn’t matter if after a week you can only stumble, hop or trudge a little. A week to learn how to walk on the moon seems awfully short to me. If you do manage to learn it in just one week, well good for you; you failed to fail!

Here is a tutorial to help you get started.
(this is just one of many moonwalk tutorials online, so feel free to Google one that you like better)

Are you already an ace at moonwalking, but would you still like to fail? Try this or this.

Recap of this week

Wow, how I failed this week! At the end of the week my moonwalk was more of a Jupiterwalk, where my feet seemed to be stuck to the ground and only immense effort could make them slide in a staccato rookie time-lapse motion.

But most of all I failed to inspire you to dare to fail. I realize now that I formulated my principle in a confusing way. It is not about failing at all! It is actually about failure as a byproduct of daring to take some risks in life. I want you to be ready to fail, embrace it instead of being afraid of it. Not because I want you to fail, but because I want you to try new things and pursue your dreams, even if you could fail.

I know, that is way to much fail, failure and failing for one tiny paragraph. But I hope you understand now that I don’t want you to fail, but I do hope you fail every now and then.

Still, something good came out of this week; we have a second winner! Trying to do the moonwalk while you are still recovering from knee surgery and doing it on faux pas slippers: Ysbrân, you won by a landslide by doing the backslide!

5 more winners to be proclaimed: on to week 3!

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    Ik werk als creatieve professional. Ik ben tekstschrijver en ik maak video’s. Daarnaast ontwikkel ik concepten voor campagnes of evenementen. Ook begeleid ik rollenspellen en brainstormsessies. Benieuwd of we samen kunnen werken? Laten we een kop koffie gaan drinken (met taart!) en dan komen we er vast wel achter.

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    3 thoughts on “RYLFF Week 2: Fail at something

    1. Failing! Remko van der Drift wrote a book on it: Fouten maken moet: http://www.foutenmakenmoet.nl/
      In dutch he urges us to have faalplezier instead of faalangst. Which maybe translates best into having the joy of failure instead of the fear of failure.

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