RYLFF Week 3: If you love someone; let them know

I truly hope you will join me this week. This challenge might be a bit scary for you or maybe you think it is a hassle. But if you do it, I can guarantee you success! You will feel great afterwards and as a bonus you’ll brighten up someone else’s week as well.

Write a letterImage from The Henry Ford under Creative Commons.

Going postal

This week we are going to use some old analog technology to reach our goal.

Start by thinking of someone you care about, someone who makes your life a little better, but also someone you don’t often tell what he or she means to you.

Let’s write this person a letter! A real letter, using handwriting. If you were born in this century and have no clue how to do handwriting, buy a second-hand type writer or make an alphabet of potato stamps. Then send the letter by actual mail (envelope, stamp, mailbox).

You don’t have to write award winning prose. Just write down what this person means to you. If you are genuine and write from the heart, you can’t do it wrong.

Just one word

This is a personal letter, share it with one person, but you don’t have to share it with the world.

But I would love to receive a word from you. Make a picture of just one word of your handwritten letter and send it to me. If you find it hard to make a photo of just one word and you are not that good with Photoshop; just send me the picture you managed to take and tell me what word to cut out.

I will use your words and try to make something to inspire others to write a letter as well.

Now go look for a pen and a piece of paper!

Recap of week 3

My plan was to write about 10 letters this week, but so far I’ve only written one. Still, it feels like a success to me. I am sure I will write a few more!

I only received one word so far. In all honesty I did hope to receive a lot of handwritten words. Maybe this challenge is not something you would like to do or maybe some of you have written letters in secret. Or maybe you are still planning to write a letter. If so, I hope you manage to do so and enjoy it as much as I did. I would still love to receive a word from you!

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