The man behind Donald Trump

This week America shocked the world when it became clear that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is in fact none other than actor Reginald Beasley. I am meeting him at the tiny Lena Coffee Shop in Greenwich Village New York. I arrive a little early and find a spot at the window. A few minutes later a bald guy with a stubble comes in and glances around. Only then do I realize that this is in fact the ex-Donald; Reginald Beasley. I introduce myself and he grabs a stool next to me.

You have ditched the comb-over?

Yeah, I have been Donald Trump for such a long time, I need to change things up a little to get back to being me.

Are you happy you can drop the act now?

Mixed feelings I guess. It was demanding to drag around an ego the size of Jupiter all the time, but to be honest I did fall in love with the guy. I have been playing this role for 36 years, I am not sure I can just drop the act. I might be the first person ever to say “I have to reinvent myself” without that phrase being complete and utter bullshit.
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