RYLFF Week 5: Lose an argument

We don’t know everything. It is easy to learn new things on subjects you know nothing about. It is harder to learn something new, when you think you already know, but it turns out you are wrong. A flexible mind doesn’t sway in every gentle breeze, but it knows when to bend and pick up something new, something interesting. Losing an argument is excellent proof that your brain isn’t so rusty that it can only argument in one direction.

So this week I want you to pick a fight. I want you to lose an argument and preferably against someone whose opinion you hold in high regard.

There is only one way I can make sure that this week you find someone worthy to disagree with on an important subject. It has to be you! I want you to pick a fight with yourself.

3066468424_f97b3627cf_oImage by Alejandro Hernandez under CC by 2.0

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