RYLFF Week 5: Lose an argument

We don’t know everything. It is easy to learn new things on subjects you know nothing about. It is harder to learn something new, when you think you already know, but it turns out you are wrong. A flexible mind doesn’t sway in every gentle breeze, but it knows when to bend and pick up something new, something interesting. Losing an argument is excellent proof that your brain isn’t so rusty that it can only argument in one direction.

So this week I want you to pick a fight. I want you to lose an argument and preferably against someone whose opinion you hold in high regard.

There is only one way I can make sure that this week you find someone worthy to disagree with on an important subject. It has to be you! I want you to pick a fight with yourself.

3066468424_f97b3627cf_oImage by Alejandro Hernandez under CC by 2.0

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RYLFF Week 4: Share

This is going to be an easy week for you, because all you have to do is let me know what I can do for you.

This Thursday I am going to share 3 hours of my time. What would you like me to do for you? The best suggestion gets 3 hours worth of Felix.

If you are wondering what can be accomplished in 3 hours Felix, here are a few things I can think of:
– I can write something for your organisation.
– I can bake you a chocolate pie.
– I can help you brainstorm on a new idea or concept.
– I can listen and offer advice on whatever subject you choose.
– I can call your boss and ask for a raise.

But I can do a whole lot more, so don’t be afraid to ask for something else.
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RYLFF Week 3: If you love someone; let them know

I truly hope you will join me this week. This challenge might be a bit scary for you or maybe you think it is a hassle. But if you do it, I can guarantee you success! You will feel great afterwards and as a bonus you’ll brighten up someone else’s week as well.

Write a letterImage from The Henry Ford under Creative Commons.

Going postal

This week we are going to use some old analog technology to reach our goal.

Start by thinking of someone you care about, someone who makes your life a little better, but also someone you don’t often tell what he or she means to you.

Let’s write this person a letter! A real letter, using handwriting. If you were born in this century and have no clue how to do handwriting, buy a second-hand type writer or make an alphabet of potato stamps. Then send the letter by actual mail (envelope, stamp, mailbox).

You don’t have to write award winning prose. Just write down what this person means to you. If you are genuine and write from the heart, you can’t do it wrong.
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RYLFF Week 2: Fail at something

I want you to fail this week! That doesn’t sound very nice, but rest assured I want myself to fail just as hard.

The internet knows the beauty of failure. Videos with an epic fail always attract a gazillion viewers. But why should you only gaze at the accomplishments of others if you can have an excellent failure yourself? Failing proves that you are testing your limits, it is also good story material. It can also give you severe pains in the groin and an urgent need to crawl under a rock or become invisible.

But without a little pain, there can be no gain. Flawless people are boring as hell, don’t become one of them!
Fail at something

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RYLFF Week 1: Try something new

This week we will focus on trying something new. New experiences come with a small mental conflict we will have to solve:

On the one hand we are creatures of habit. By nature we (like all organisms) have a tendency to favor what is familiar and to fear the unknown. On the other hand new experiences can improve your well-being.

So don’t be surprised if you hear this squeaky voice this week:

“Try something new? Nah, let’s not. Come sit here with me on our couch in the comfort zone and look at all the things we know so well.”

Be nice to the little creature, pat him, grab him by the arm and then gently, yet also boldly, go where you have never gone before!
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What good can come from this?

Next week I will start to refresh my life and you can still join me. You won’t have to refresh my life, you can do yours and it is completely free!

For those of you who don’t want to wait another week; let’s get started right now with a small warm-up exercise:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a busy man. According to Wikipedia he was.. “a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.”

Apart from that apparently he also was generous, loveable and kind. But that is probably history speaking and not his friends.

To propel his productivity to polymath mammut levels, he followed a strict schedule. I don’t want you to follow his schedule, but I would like to do some cherry picking from his routine. Every day Franklin asked himself two questions. In the morning he would ask:

What good shall I do today?

And in the evening he would look back and ask:

What good have I done today?

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Join me to refresh your life. For free!

So… I wrote an article called the 7 best principles to live by. Some of you asked me whether I meant the whole thing as a joke. I guess principle number 7 can make it seem that way.

No… it is not a joke. I don’t really believe these are the 7 best principles to guide you in life, but I do believe that all 7 have value. They can make your life more interesting and you might even elevate yourself to the mental state of having fun.

But… as it is with advice; it is easier to dish out, than to take. I don’t always live by these principles and it is time for me to take a refresher course.

And I would like you to join me!

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The 7 best principles to live by

Are you wondering what to do with your life this year? Just follow these rules, it is that easy!

1. Try something new

The best brain exercise is to take your grey cells on a little run off the beaten track. Even small things can do wonders; find a new route to the supermarket, buy pink socks, draw a cartoon, mix up your morning routine. Anything counts as long as you have never done it before.
Doing something new is a great way to excel at the next principle:

2. Fail at something

Sure you can learn from success, but you can learn a whole lot more from a good mess. You can’t test your limits, if you never cross them. Also, failure makes you more human and you’ll be a lot more fun to talk to at parties. Mr. Perfect doesn’t have that many real friends.

3. If you love someone, tell them

Your lover, your wife, husband, grandma, son, cat, the policeman who held back on the parking ticket, the girl who makes you an awesome mochachistretto, Alec Baldwin. If you love ’em, speak up.

4. Share

Share your goods and services. Why should we all buy a lawnmower and learn how to fix a car? Are you great at baking pies? Bake two and find someone who could really use a pie to lift their spirits. It will be worth your expenses, trust me. But more importantly share joy, sorrow and whatever is moving your soul at the moment. The best way we can connect is not via LinkedIn or Facebook, it is sharing what is going on in our minds.

5. Lose an argument

Don’t avoid conflict. If you stand for what you belief in you are bound to clash with others every now and then. Just be prepared to fall off your high horse. The best way to prove to yourself that you still have a flexible mind is to really listen to others and dare yourself to change your mind.

6. Ask yourself a question

Although zombie movies are cool, being a mindless zombie isn’t. Sometimes you have to check whether you accidentally switched on the auto-pilot. There is not just one question, so find out what works for you. Some examples:
What is really important to me in life?
What made me happy today?
What did I do today that made someone else happy?
What is my quest and what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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