Facebook en privacy

Gelukkig heb je op Facebook in elk geval één vriend, die echt alles wat jij intikt interessant vindt.

Het eerste filmpje dat ik samen met Michiel heb gemaakt voor De Social Club van BNN. Volgende week maken we er weer één.

Twitter Formats

Here are a few Twitter formats for you to use. See one you like? Let me know and I’ll assign it to you.

Free Advice

Description: Give advice to anyone about anything. Whether anyone asked for your advice or not is irrelevant. Can be in response to other tweets or just comment on the news or offer advice to a famous person, who is caught in a scandal.
Pay-off: I don’t know everything, but I have an opinion about it.

Unfamous Quotes

Description: Quotes that somehow never made it into Wikiquotes.
Pay-off: “I shall create man, so he can write down all the awesome things I say…” – God

Tomorrow’s headlines

Description: They say that nowadays the news is realtime. Why not take it to the next level?
Pay-off: Because the news just ain’t fresh enough.
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