The 7 best principles to live by

Are you wondering what to do with your life this year? Just follow these rules, it is that easy!

1. Try something new

The best brain exercise is to take your grey cells on a little run off the beaten track. Even small things can do wonders; find a new route to the supermarket, buy pink socks, draw a cartoon, mix up your morning routine. Anything counts as long as you have never done it before.
Doing something new is a great way to excel at the next principle:

2. Fail at something

Sure you can learn from success, but you can learn a whole lot more from a good mess. You can’t test your limits, if you never cross them. Also, failure makes you more human and you’ll be a lot more fun to talk to at parties. Mr. Perfect doesn’t have that many real friends.

3. If you love someone, tell them

Your lover, your wife, husband, grandma, son, cat, the policeman who held back on the parking ticket, the girl who makes you an awesome mochachistretto, Alec Baldwin. If you love ’em, speak up.

4. Share

Share your goods and services. Why should we all buy a lawnmower and learn how to fix a car? Are you great at baking pies? Bake two and find someone who could really use a pie to lift their spirits. It will be worth your expenses, trust me. But more importantly share joy, sorrow and whatever is moving your soul at the moment. The best way we can connect is not via LinkedIn or Facebook, it is sharing what is going on in our minds.

5. Lose an argument

Don’t avoid conflict. If you stand for what you belief in you are bound to clash with others every now and then. Just be prepared to fall off your high horse. The best way to prove to yourself that you still have a flexible mind is to really listen to others and dare yourself to change your mind.

6. Ask yourself a question

Although zombie movies are cool, being a mindless zombie isn’t. Sometimes you have to check whether you accidentally switched on the auto-pilot. There is not just one question, so find out what works for you. Some examples:
What is really important to me in life?
What made me happy today?
What did I do today that made someone else happy?
What is my quest and what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

7. Don’t read articles that start with “the 7 best …”

Honestly, you have to stop doing that. It will make your life a lot better.

P.S. Does anyone have Alec Baldwin’s phone number?

    Ik werk als creatieve professional. Ik ben tekstschrijver en ik maak video’s. Daarnaast ontwikkel ik concepten voor campagnes of evenementen. Ook begeleid ik rollenspellen en brainstormsessies. Benieuwd of we samen kunnen werken? Laten we een kop koffie gaan drinken (met taart!) en dan komen we er vast wel achter.

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