“This is where I draw the line!”

– Cornelis Lely

He did of course say it in Dutch: Hier trek ik de lijn! To be honest; there are no records of him actually saying anything like that. But he might have. To his wife, in a completely unrelated matter. Perhaps pertaining to her addiction to buying him socks. Odd colored socks. With dots. The pink socks with purple dots were too much! Lely was not a dot person, more a person to connect them. To make a line.

Again, we find no records of any of this. Some things you just rather keep private. Well at least in Cornelis’ day and age.

"This is where I draw the line"

What we do find in records is that Cornelis Lely drew a line: De Afsluitdijk

    Ik werk als creatieve professional. Ik ben tekstschrijver en ik maak video’s. Daarnaast ontwikkel ik concepten voor campagnes of evenementen. Ook begeleid ik rollenspellen en brainstormsessies. Benieuwd of we samen kunnen werken? Laten we een kop koffie gaan drinken (met taart!) en dan komen we er vast wel achter.

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